How deal with problem underarm odor naturally? Underarm Deodorant DIY

Embarrassing problem alert!

I’ll be sharing my tips to eliminating underarm odor!

Sweat is your body’s natural way of eliminating toxins, and regulating temperature. But for some it can cause major problems when that sweat has a funky odor especially under the arms! I have this problem, you are not alone! There are a few things I changed in my regimen to help deal with this and I’ve honestly noticed a major difference.

It isn’t the sweat that causes the odor, it is when bacteria and the sweat meet that the odor is created. If you’re like me deodorant and antiperspirant do not work. Also, two years ago I stopped using store bought deodorants and antiperspirants many of them are filled with harmful chemicals like aluminium which is a known carcinogen.


1. Shave regularly: Keeping the underarm area hair free will reduce the growth of bacteria. Shave every two days in the shower, it will also make it easier for deodorant to reach the skin.

2. Wash with tea-tree oil soap: Some soaps simply clog your pores and this can lead to odor. I recommend using only water to wash (i know this a weird since we live in a soap everything society) and to once or twice a week use tea-tree oil based organic soap. Any organic antibacterial soap will do stay away from the department store stuff! I personally use an organic tea tree oil soap which has antibacterial properties. Since its the bacteria that causes the smell using an antibacterial oil based soap that is free of perfumes and other chemicals is a better option.

The one I use:

Image<—— AMAZING!

3.  Changing your diet: Some foods make us have more body odor like sugary and fatty foods. Adding more greens and fresh herb to your diet can help in reducing body odor. Remember you are what you eat!

4. Washing Clothes in Vinegar: If you suffer from underarm odor you know that your clothes can smell really bad after being worn, and that normal laundry detergent may not even get it after washing. Solution: add vinegar and baking soda to your laundry it makes a major difference. I usually for a large load add 2 tablespoons of each!

5. My Favourite most efficient deodorant ever and it’s a DIY: I saw this on youtube a while back and have been making my own deodorant once a month ever since! Made with coconut oil (antibacterial), baking soda (to eliminate odors), and arrowroot powder (to help prevent sweating and to make it thicker).

  • Mix equal parts of baking powder, arrowroot powder and stir in a bowl. I use a glass jar to store mine so depending on the size of your jar your measurements may be different. Just stick to the equal parts rule.
  • Next add virgin coconut oil, which will add a nice scent, make you underarms soft and is a natural antibacterial. I also put an equal part of this. Sometimes adding a little bit more will help to make it creamier if you prefer.
  • Stirring the coconut oil in takes about 5-8 minutes. At first it looks weird, but then you notice it becomes harder and all sticks together in a hard cream texture.
  • Put in a jar and VOILA!
  • Application: a small quarter size amount will suffice and this stuff works for me all day!

Brands that I use:

ImageImageImageDr. Bronner’s Coconut Oil

Let me know if this helped!

- XO

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